2011 BBWP Winners

Queen Jennifer Laws


1st Runner-up
Rasheeda Mitchell


2nd Runner-up
Daniela Durante

Words from the queen:

My name is Jennifer Nicole Laws. I am a native of Philadelphia, mother of two beautiful daughters, a poet, hostess, and model. Being a poet, hostess and model has allowed me the chance to inspire women, children, and men whether its strutting the runway or reciting poetry I try to encourage people to love themselves, not be judgemental and always show your true self to others. My family and friends have supported me in everything that I do and are the reason for my success. Winning the title of Queen at the Big Beautiful Women Pageant on September 11th a date that has been associated with tragedy has great significance and meaning to me. It gives me an opportunity to encourage other women and children to embrace who they are and to try something they may not ordinarily do. In life I learned that if it is something that you want to do go for it , never give up. This was my third year entering the pageant but its proof that if you try, try and try again many things can be accomplished. I wanna give special thanks to Wilkes Productions for producing the BBWP Pageant for the last 12 years, allowing women from all over the United States to show their beauty, curves, talent and intelligence. I look forward to my reign as 2011 Queen of the Big Beautiful Women Pageant and hope to see you all there next year when we crown the new queen.
Queen Jennifer Nicole Laws

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